Gómez Alonso, Leopoldo
Foto Museu Etnològic de Barcelona. Río Chiguaza (Ecuador), 1940.

Gómez Alonso, Leopoldo

? - ? , ?
Field of activity: Ornitologia
Main function: Collector

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The Museum preserves a collection of 650 birds, 31 mammals, 70 insects collected by Leopoldo Gómez Alonso in different places in Ecuador. Vertebrate specimens are available at Taxo & Map (http://taxomap.bioexplora.cat/web/index.php#) and at GBIF (https://www.gbif.org/).

Historical/biographical notes

A Spanish naturalist who carried out expeditions to Ecuador, Peru and Mexico. There, he travelled on different expeditions, collecting specimens of fauna, archaeological and ethnological objects.

He offered specimens and objects to the Institut Municipal de Ciències Naturals (City Council). The City Council bought him between 1948 and 1950.

The collection of ethnological objects is one of those that made up the Museum of Ethnology of Barcelona, ​​inaugurated in 1949.

Related to natural science specimens, all are collected by him in different parts of Ecuador between 1934 and 1947. He prepared and labelled them. Some shipments came from New York,  on the ship "Monte Inchorta".

He also had some kind of link as a collector with the British Museum (Natural History). And with the US National Museum, where it appears in a document, as resident in Quito (Ecuador) and linked to entomology.

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