A very rich variety of elements from nature are assembled in the stock of collections of the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona. They have in common their condition of being subjected to the scientific method and the assumption they constitute genuine scientific material devoted to increase the knowledge of the natural systems.

Nevertheless, aims and methods may vary much. If you pay attention to particular profiles of collections, their complexity and the thematic richness are allowed and thoroughly shown. A major part of projects are founded on a platform raised by the museum,  , designed to deeply display information of selected collections.

Projects related to the collections:

  • Type specimens : catalogue of the specimens that give evidence of the existenceof a new taxon described for the benefit of thescientific knowledge.
  • Protagonists : thanks to the willingness of people and institutions the museum has been able to gather a scientific heritage that makes sense to the museum itself. The protagonists of the museum..
  • 3D catalogue : a Three Dimensions view of skeleton elements provides with a remote representation for studying them without the need of a direct access to the material.
  • Geocoding : to point out the localities of provenance of collections on a digital map, even those collected before the generalized use of geocoding devices.
  • Continental Molluscs Of Catalonia : a tool for helping the identification of the terrestrial and freshwater molluscs inhabiting Catalonia; based on the collection of the museum.
  • Bryozoa : the diversity of bryozoans of the Western Mediterranean is described and explained.