What is Taxo&Map?

Taxo&Map is an application designed for facilitating examination of the data on the collections of the Consortium of the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona, (MCNB).

Taxo&Map permits search options that are complementary to other channels of consultation.

The information on the MCNB’s collections can be searched via several websites. The most straightforward method is to select the search conditions using a web form.

The museum supports several data portals that aggregate biodiversity information from different sources. The MCNB’s collection can be consulted at the GBIF website, currently the most universal, free and open biodiversity portal. In the two cases mentioned, searching for information is based on prior conditions established by the user making the consultation; then, the results are obtained. Taxo&Map works inversely. First of all, users are given an overview of all the data; then they can move around or zoom in or out on both the map and the biological classification until the data they wish to view or export are selected. Taxo&Map is the result of combining two aspirations:
- The Museum’s desire to display the data of its collections in a way more conducive to random searching.
- The capacity to design and anticipate needs and functions as shown by the project’s technological partners.

Application powered by
-Version 4.0: Web development and GIS