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  • Geotrechus victoriai


    Faille et al., 2015. Allopatric speciation illustrated: The hypogean genus Geotrechus Jeannel, 1919 (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechini), with description of four new species from the Eastern Pyrenees (Spain). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny, 73 (3): 439-455.

  • Pupa montsicciana

    Bofill, A., 1890. Contributions a la faune malacologique de la Catalogne. II. Note sur les Pupa de la série du Pupa affinis. Bull. Soc. Malac. France, 7: 251–266. [p. 263].


  • Lensia quadriculata

    Pagès, F., Flood, P. & Youngbluth, M., 2006. Gelatinous zooplankton net-collected in the Gulf of Maine and adjacent submarine canyons: new species, new family (Jeanbouilloniidae), taxonomic remarks and some parasites. Scientia Marina, 70(3): 363-379. [p. 368-371; figs. 3, 4A-D, 5A].

  • Orthomus barbarus expansus


    Mateu, 1957. Nota sobre los Orthomus Chaudoir (Tercera nota). EOS, 33: 87-112.