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Trematoda (2)



  • Timarcha (Timarcha) perezii praecox


    Bechyné, 1953. Note sur les Timarcha (Col. Phytoph. Chrysomelidae). EOS, 29: 85-99.

  • Abida secale merijni

    Kokshoorn, B. & Gittenberger, E., 2010. Chondrinidae taxonomy revisited: New synonymies, new taxa, and a checklist of species and subespecies (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Pulmonata). Zootaxa, 2539: 1-62. [p. 22; pl. 7 fig. L-Q].

  • Petalium (Metapetalium) endroedyyoungai


    Español, 1967. The scientific results of the Hungarian Soil Zoological Expedition to the Brazzaville-Congo. 20: Especies de la familia Anobiidae (Col.) Opusc. Zool. Budapest, 7(2): 169-179.

  • Microtyphlus serratensis


    Coiffait, 1958. Notes sur les Anillini. Faune d’Espagne et de France. Revue Française d’Entomologie, 25(2): 73-77.