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Botanical Institute of Barcelona - Herbarium

Name Botanical Institute of Barcelona
Subunits name Herbarium
Acronym(s) BC
Institution type Library
Description The herbarium of the Barcelona Botanical Institute, known internationally by the initials BC, specialises in the flora of the western Mediterranean region. It also contains plants from other regions in Europe and Africa, from South America and other places around the world.

The set of herbaria at the Botanical Institute of Barcelona is the most important collection of plants in Catalonia and the second-largest in Spain. Its collection (with some 800,000 specimens) has served as a reference for the writing of the Flora dels Països Catalans, as well as for the project Flora Ibérica and the main botanical works published on the flora of the Iberian Peninsula, of the western Mediterranean and of Morocco. It is an open collection that continually incorporates new scientific materials of reference about our flora.
Address Passeig del Migdia, s/n
Postal code 08038
City Barcelona
State/region Catalunya
Country Spain
Telephone +34 93 289 06 11
Fax +34 93 289 06 14