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  • Helicella jamuzensis

    Gittenberger, E. & Manga, M. Y., 1977. Some new species of the genus Helicella (Pulmonata, Helicidae) from the province León, Spain. Zoologische Mededelingen, 51(11): 177-189. [p. 181, plate 2, figs. 1,2,8,9].

  • Timarcha (Timarcha) espanoli


    Bechyné, 1948. Contribution à la connaissance du genre Timarcha Latr. 12: Etudes phyllogénétiques et zoogéographiques (Col. Phytophaga, Chrysomelidae). Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae, 4 B (2), Zoologia 1: 1-62.

  • Omus californicus oblongocylindricus


    Horn, W., 1913. Diesjährige Omus-Funde von F. W. Nunenmacher (Col.). Entomologische Mitteilungen, 2 (11): 349-351.

  • Mesocoelopus leileri


    Israelson, 1976. A key to the Palaearctic Mesocoelopus, with descriptions of a new species (Col. Anobiidae). Entomologisk Tidsskrft, 97(1-2): 9-14