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Collection of terrestrial slugs

Name Collection of terrestrial slugs
Alternative name MCNB. Col. terrestrial slugs
Cite as Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona (MCNB). Collection of terrestrial slugs
MCNB. Col. terrestrial slugs
Description Collection consisting of whole animals preserved in 70% ethanol (76% of lots) and dry shells. In all, 980 specimens grouped in 456 lots, including three lots with six type specimens. The taxanomic scope of the collection covers the families Agriolimacidae, Arionidae, Limacidae, Milacidae, Parmacellidae and Testacellidae (the two latter families contain most of the collection’s dry material). Almost all the samples are from the Iberian Peninsula: 93% of lots from Spain, with 78% of the total lots from Catalonia, mainly from the Pyrenees; the remaining lots are Ibero-Balear in origin, with a few from Europe, North Africa and South-East Asia. The oldest lots (dry shells) are from the Museum’s historical collections such as those of Francesc Martorell i Peña, Artur Bofill, Joan Baptista d'Aguilar-Amat, Joan Rosals, Manuel de Chía and Baltasar Serradell. Collections incorporated subsequently include dry material collected by Luis Gasull and Miquel Bech, and wet material collected by Oleguer Escolà and colleagues. The most modern wet material originates from various collection campaigns and research projects carried out by the present-day Malacological Section of the Museum. Type specimens of taxa described by Vicent Borredà and Alberto Martínez-Ortí have also been incorporated. The whole collection has been registered, documented and digitalized to specimen lot level. Around 45% of the lots still need to be determined. Data of a part of the collection can be consulted on-line at the website of the Barcelona Natural History Museum, and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.
Provenance The oldest specimens in the collection correspond to shells collected by Francesc Martorell i Peña, which formed part of the Martorell Museum’s founder collection (1879). Other historical collections containing slugs include those of Artur Bofill, Joan Baptista d'Aguilar-Amat, Joan Rosals, Manuel de Chía, Baltasar Serradell and Alejandro Torres. Of interest too are the contributions made by other collaborators and entities linked to the Museum (e.g. Rafael Candel, Ascensi Codina, Carme Gelabert, Carmen Giménez, J. Maluquer and others). Subsequently, the collection has incorporated shells from the collections of Luis Gasull and Miquel Bech, donated to the Museum in 1983 and 2009, respectively, as well as wet samples of slugs collected by Oleguer Escolà and colleagues, many from subterranean habitats. Francesc Uribe has been the curator of the Department of Non-Arthropod Invertebrates since 1997 and since then the inventory and digitalization of the Museum’s whole collection has been carried out to specimen lot level. In the field of research, it is worth noting the studies on biodiversity and ecology focussing largely on the management of natural areas in Catalonia that have been conducted by the malacologists Vicenç Bros, Jordi Cadevall, Elisabeth Hernández, Jordi Nebot and Albert Orozco. These studies have generated the most recent wet slug specimens, which have increased considerably the Museum’s total collection. Qualitatively, of most interest are the type specimens deposited in the Museum corresponding to three new species described by Vicent Borredà and Alberto Martínez-Ortí.
Kingdom coverage Animalia
Taxon coverage Agriolimacidae, Arionidae, Limacidae, Milacidae, Parmacellidae, Testacellidae
Common name coverage slugs
Geospatial coverage Balearic Islands, Catalonia (strength), England, France, Iberian Peninsula (strength), Iberian Pyrenees (strength), Madeira, Morocco, Northern Africa, Portugal, Southeastern Asia, Spain (strength), Switzerland
Collectors Adrover, Rafael
Aguilar-Amat, Joan Baptista d'
Altimiras i Roset, Jacint
Auroux Poblador, Lluís
Bech i Taberner, Miquel
Bley, J.
Bofill i Poch, Artur
Borredà, Vicent
Bros Caton, Vicenç
Cadevall Solé, Jordi
Candel Vila, Rafael
Castillejo, José
Cazurro, Manuel
Codina i Ferrer, Ascensi
Comas Navarro, Jordi
Conde, M.
Escolà Boada, Oleguer
Fernández, Guillem
Gasull Martínez, Luis
Gelabert, Carme
Giménez, Carmen
Gómez Moliner, Benjamín
Hernández Rojo, Elisabeth
Julià, Lluís
López Alabau, Antonio
Maluquer, J.
Martínez-Ortí, Alberto
Meseguer, Agustí
Nebot Obón, Jordi
Olmo Vidal, Josep Maria
Orozco Sanchís, Albert
Picañol, Carme
Pérez De Gregorio, Josep Joaquim
Pérez Ferrer, Alejandro
Rutllant, J.
Serrano, Gustau
Uribe Porta, Francesc
Valledor de Lozoya, Arturo
Collection type Preserved
Primary purpose Research
Include types Yes
Grouping principle Taxonomic
Formations periods ca. 1882-
Development statuses Passive growth
Collection extents 456 lots, 6 type specimens, 980 specimens
Documentation state Documentary control of 100% of lots (register, inventory and computerization in Museum Plus). Around 45% of lots still need to be determined.
Object class shells, whole organisms
Specimen preservation methods Fluid-preserved, No Treatment
Preparation and conservation Dry material boxed and wrapped in protective elements in individual containers. Wet specimens preserved in 70% ethanol. Improvements in the conservation conditions of the original samples (new containers and preserving fluid, and rehousing of specimens). Monitoring of the environmental conditions in storage areas.
McGinley conservation statuses Level 8
Conservation status date 05-11-2014 (dd-mm-yyyy)
Institution Natural Science Museum of Barcelona - Non-Arthropod Invertebrates Department
Parent collection Collection of continental molluscs
Subcollections Collection of terrestrial slugs from Catalonia
Associated person Miguel Prieto (Documentalist), Francesc Uribe (Curator),
Item level access MCNB Mollusca GBIF online database (date when consulted) (accessed through GBIF data portal,, 2013-09-04)
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