Thouarella (Thouarella) minuta

Zapata-Guardiola, R. & López-González, P., 2010. Two new species of Antarctic gorgonians (Octocorallia: Primnoidae) with a redescription of Thouarella laxa Versluys, 1906. Helgoland Marine Research, 64(3): 169-180. [p. 177-180; figs. 11-13].

Type locality

“[...] stn PS65-166-01, 70º56.83’S, 10º32.61’W, Austasen, Antarctica, 253.2-338.0 depth [...]”.

Toponymic note and update

stn (=station) PS65-166-01, at Austasen, eastern Weddell Sea.


Paratypes: Museu de Ciències Naturals (Zoologia) de Barcelona, MZB 2013-3846 (“Austasen, stn 085-01, 71º11.30’S, 12º15.40’W, 309–318 m depth”; 2 colony fragmented, ex CRO-0031), MZB 2013-4020 (“Austasen, stn PS65-274-01, 70º52.16’S, 10º43.69’W, 288.0–290.8 m depth”; 1 colony and 4 fragmented colonies, ex CRO-0036), MZB 2013-4026 (“Austasen, stn 119-01, 70º50.40’S, 10º35.20’W, 226–266 m depth”; 1 colony and 2 fragments, ex CRO-0032), MZB 2013-4027 (loc. tip.; 1 broken colony and 2 naked stems, ex CRO-0042), MZB 2013-4030 (“Austasen, stn PS65-265-01, 70º52.74’S, 10º52.72’W, 285.6–294.8 m depth”; 4 colonies, one of them broken, ex CRO-0035), MZB 2013-4036 (“Austasen, stn PS65-175-01, 70º56.52’S, 10º31.78’W, 288.8–337.2 m depth”; 2 colonies without holdfast, ex CRO-0034). CRO: octocoral reference collection of the research group “Biodiversidad y Ecología de Invertebrados Marinos”, Universidad de Sevilla.

Types in other museums

Holotype: Zoologisches Institut und Zoologisches Museum, Hamburg (C11742).

Paratypes: Zoologisches Institut und Zoologisches Museum, Hamburg (C11743) + National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C. (1128948) + octocoral reference collection of the research group “Biodiversidad y Ecología de Invertebrados Marinos”, Universidad de Sevilla (CRO-0033, CRO-0037).



  • Jeanbouillonia maserati

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  • Wollastonia tenerifae


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  • Trycorinus straeleni


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  • Trechus bouilloni


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