Jeanbouillonia maserati

Pagès, F., Flood, P. & Youngbluth, M., 2006. Gelatinous zooplankton net-collected in the Gulf of Maine and adjacent submarine canyons: new species, new family (Jeanbouilloniidae), taxonomic remarks and some parasites. Scientia Marina, 70(3): 363-379. [p. 372-373; figs. 5G-J, 6].

Type locality

“[...] in Georges Basin (42º25.3’N, 67º31.3’W) between 290 m depth and the sea surface [...]”.

Toponymic note and update

Georges Basin is a submarine basin of the Gulf of Maine (northwestern Atlantic).


Holotype: Museu de Ciències Naturals (Zoologia) de Barcelona, MZB 2013-4476 (loc. tip.; ex Cnidarian collection Institut de Ciències del Mar de Barcelona, CSIC).



  • Omus californicus oblongocylindricus


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  • Metapetalium ruandensis


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  • Gastrallus ndumuensis


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