Guillea canyonincolae

Bouillon J., Pagès F., Gili J. M., Palanques A., Puig P. & Heussner, S., 2000. Deep-water Hydromedusae from the Lacaze-Duthiers submarine canyon (Banyuls, northwestern Mediterranean) and description of two new genera, Guillea and ParateclaiaScientia Marina, 64(Supl. 1): 87-95. [p. 90-91; fig. 3-4].

Type locality

“Lacaze-Duthiers canyon, off Banyuls (France), northwestern Mediterranean [...] collected at 500 m depth”.

Toponymic note and update

Banyuls (=Banyuls-sur-Mer) is a commune at the french department of Pyrénées-Orientales.


Holotype: Museu de Ciències Naturals (Zoologia) de Barcelona, MZB 2013-4488 (loc. tip.; ex Cnidarian collection Institut de Ciències del Mar de Barcelona, CSIC).



  • Parazuphium aguilerai


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  • Antoinella djebalica


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  • Typhlocharis hiekei


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  • Lithophilus khnzoriani


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