Darderia bellverica

Altaba, C., 2006. A new land snail from the Quaternary of Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean): Darderia bellverica n. gen., n. sp. (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Helicodontidae). Animal Biodiversity and Conservation, 29(2): 195-200. [fig. 1].

Type locality

“Late Pleistocene paleosoil near the surface, at the crossroad of Andrea Doria and Son Armadans streets, near the main entrance to the park of Bellver forest, in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) [...] UTM 31S DD 6780; 35 m a.s.l”.

Toponymic note and update

Palma de Mallorca ia a municipality of the Mallorca Island (Balearic Islands).


Holotype: Museu de Ciències Naturals (Zoologia) de Barcelona, MZB 84-6550-A (loc. tip.; shell, ex col. Luis Gasull).

Paratypes: Museu de Ciències Naturals (Zoologia) de Barcelona, MZB 84-6550-B (loc. tip.; 1 shell, ex col. Luis Gasull).

Current name

Darderia bellverica Altaba, 2006



  • Euplister megalophthalmus


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  • Geotrechus delioti


    Faille et al., 2015. Allopatric speciation illustrated: The hypogean genus Geotrechus Jeannel, 1919 (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechini), with description of four new species from the Eastern Pyrenees (Spain). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny, 73 (3): 439-455.

  • Duvalites gebhardti


    Bokor, 1926. Új Duvalites Magyarországból. Ein neuer Duvalites aus Ungarn. Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici, 24: 40-48.

  • Helicella (Xeroplexa) ortizi

    Gasull, L., 1963. Descripción de unas nuevas formas del género Helicella (Xeroplexa) de Baleares. Boletín de la Sociedad de Historia Natural de Baleares, 9: 83–92. [p. 83].