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Barcelona Botanical Garden Seed Collection

Name Barcelona Botanical Garden Seed Collection
Cite as BGJBB
Description The collection of the Barcelona Botanical Garden Seed Bank consists of genetic material, mainly in the form of seeds, conserved at specific temperatures and humidities, that can be used over long periods of time. The bank enables species to be preserved in a dormant state so that they can be germinated whenever fresh material is needed, whether for new research or for obtaining new plants to be reintroduced into their natural habitats or for use as garden plants.
Kingdom coverage Plantae
Collection type Living
Include types No
Development statuses Active growth
Specimen preservation methods Dried, Frozen, Refrigerated
Preparation and conservation Cleaning and separation of seeds from the rest of the flower or plant structures. Then, the lot is weighed, dehydrated with silica gel in a dehydration chamber and placed in airtight tubes. Finally, the lot is conserved in a freezer at -18ºC.