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Fungi herbarium

Name Fungi herbarium
Description The fungi collection of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona contains dried samples preserved in paper envelopes and in cardboard boxes, all ordered alphabetically by species. They are stored in the herbarium at controlled temperatures and humidities to prevent the appearance of parasites and to ensure their proper conservation. The collection holds over 3,000 samples collected by eminent mycologists such as González Fragoso, as well as numerous samples collected by Font i Quer that are still to be catalogued.
Kingdom coverage Fungi
Collectors Font Quer, Pius
Gonzalez Fragoso, Romualdo
[et al.]
Collection type Preserved
Primary purpose Research
Include types Yes
Grouping principle Taxonomic
Development statuses Active growth
Collection extents 3000 specimens
Documentation state Still to be digitalized and studied.
Specimen preservation methods Dried and pressed