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Costa herbarium

Name Costa herbarium
Description The herbarium of Antoni Cebrià Costa (1817-1886), author of Flora de Catalunya (1864), the first published synthesis of Catalan flora, has been on permanent loan from the Barcelona Royal Academy of Science and Arts since 1925 and includes around 15,000 specimens. It contains the type sheets of taxa such as Eleusine barcinonensis Costa and Delphinium loscosii Costa that were described by Costa himself or by Willkomm. The collection was revised by Font i Quer and Antoni de Bolòs.
Kingdom coverage Plantae
Collectors Costa Cuxart, Antonio Cipriano
[et al.]
Collection type Preserved
Primary purpose Research
Include types Yes
Grouping principle Taxonomic
Formations periods 19th century
Development statuses Closed
Documentation state This collection has yet to be digitalized.
Specimen preservation methods Dried and pressed
Institution Botanical Institute of Barcelona - Herbarium
Parent collection Botanical Institute of Barcelona herbarium
Associated person Neus Ibáñez (Curator),
Related material Bolós, A. (1956). "El herbario de A.C.Costa". Collect. Bot. (Barcelona) 5 (1): 159-164.