This collection has been compiled from specimens collected mainly from the Catalan-Balearic sea (Mediterranean NW) in various research projects led by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM/CSIC) and the University of Barcelona (UB). The collection includes more than 500 specimens corresponding to approximately 300 species. For each species, a collection of SEM images is provided, trying to represent the most discriminating characters (colony, zooid, heterozooids, avicularia, aperture, ovicell...). Each specimen in the collection is properly documented (sample dates, location, depth, habitat...). The purpose of the collection is to provide the scientific community and the general public with a photographic SEM catalog and the distribution data on the briozoans fauna of this Mediterranean area.




  • Entalophoroecia robusta (Harmelin, 1976)

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  • Glabrilaria orientalis lusitanica Harmelin, 1988 

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  • Copidozoum planum (Hincks, 1880)

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  • Adeonella calveti (Canu & Bassler, 1930)

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