Guide to collections


Name Micropalaeontology
Description Many taxonomic groups are included in micro-palaeological collections and the most interesting are the collection of sedimentary rocks and thin sections containing macroforaminifera (Protozoa). Although some of the Museum's Palaeological collection contain some macroforaminfera, the Micropalaeological Collection is now beginning to be expanded thanks to the research being conducted by the Museum's palaeological curator Dr. Vicent Vicedo since 2011. This scientific collection has many figured and type specimens, which currently consists of around 1500 registers of rocks, thin sections and specimens (including figures and type specimens). The material comes from different ages (Jurassic to Miocene) and from various places in the world (Spain, Italy, Mexico and Oman).
Kingdom coverage Plantae, Protista
Collection type Fossils
Include types Yes