The platform of the museum to work in mapping and georeferencing

The museum platform for cartography and geocoding work Mapping is present in almost all areas of the museum's activity_ collections, research, publications, exhibitions, etc. Georef is the tool developed to support the needs of indexing and describing cartographic resources useful for museum projects.

An specially activa project is the retrospective geocoding of the collections samples. The vast majory of samples of collections in the museum is prior to the generation of satellite positioning and has its geographical provenance is based only on textual data of the labels. Converting toponyms and descriptions of positioning regarding toponyms at a coordinance point on a map is the quality action that is defined as geocoding.

Keeping track of these geocoding estimates guarantees the comsistency between each of the location data of the collections samples and, eventually, it allows reviewing the quality of the geocoding itself. Geocoding collections is a capital project in Georef.