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Natural Science Museum of Barcelona - Mineralogy Department

Name Natural Science Museum of Barcelona
Subunits name Mineralogy Department
Acronym(s) MCNB-MGB-MIN
Institution type Museum
Description The mineralogy collection is one of the most complete in Spain and contains around 14,000 specimens.

Created originally from the collections of Manuel Martorell and specimens from the Universal Exposition of 1888, it has gradually been enriched with a series of collections of diverse importance, including highlights such as those from Lluís Marià Vidal, that of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Barcelona and that of Baltasar Serradell.

The last great contribution, the Josep Cervelló Bach collection, containing some 3000 specimens, was acquired in the year 1979 and considerably increased the value of the collection, providing it with what are currently some of the most representaive specimens at the Institution.

Recent years have seen the incorporation of the collections Bagué-Serrano, of gems from the Iberian Peninsula, and the Gavilán Collection.

Special importance has gradually been acquired by the collection of micromounts, which it is hoped will become the collection of reference of this section and for which a specific space as been created for reservation and study.

For the classification of the general collection, the Nickel-Strunz systematic (2002) is used. For the collection of micromounts this is used simultaneously with the Weiss systematic, much more dynamic and constantly updated.
Address Parc de la Ciutadella
Postal code 08003
City Barcelona
State/region Catalunya
Country Spain
Telephone +34 93 256 22 22
Fax +34 310 49 99
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Parent Institution Natural Science Museum of Barcelona
Associated person Marc Campeny (Curator)