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Genmedoc Project

Name Genmedoc Project
Description The project GENMEDOC (June 2004-May 2006), included in the inter-regional Community programme Interreg IIIB MEDOCC created a network of 10 centres (Spain, France, Greece and Tunisia) specialized in exsitu conservation of Mediterranean native flora. The main aims were to draw up common protocols for collection, treatment and conservation of plant species in seed banks, to develop efficient germination methods, and to exchange information and experiences between different regions. Over 300 plant species from 38 Mediterranean habitats in sites of Community interest (LICK) were selected according to their structural role in communities, their singularity and level of protection. In each region seeds were collected, cleaned and stored in optimal conservation conditions in the installations of the institutions that participated in project GENMEDOC. The Seed Bank of the Barcelona Botanical Garden contributed with 90 seed lots, 78 of which (41 species) were collected in gypsum and rock-outcrop calcareous habitats in the provinces of Barcelona and Lleida. A further 12 lots, duplicates of those in other centres, were also collected. Of these 78 lots, germination trials were carried out on 21 species.
Provenance Of the 90 lots in the Seed Bank of the Barcelona Botanical Garden, 78 were collected by the Garden's staff and 12 are duplicates from other centres involved in the project. Likewise, the Garden sent 14 duplicate lots to other centres. Seeds from 338 taxa from 45 Mediterranean habitats were collected and are now stored in the seed banks of the centres that participate in this network. In all, 75 lots of duplicate seeds were sent to other centres to guarantee their conservation.
Kingdom coverage Plantae
Taxon coverage Artemisa herba-alba Asso, Gypsophila repens L., Helianthemum squamatum Pers., Linum suffruticosum L., Ononis tridentata tridentata, Silene saxifraga L.
Collectors Armengot, Laura
Casanovas Ticó, Mònica
Martinell Andreu, M.Carmen
Collection type Living
Primary purpose Research
Include types No
Grouping principle Repository
Development statuses Consumable
Documentation state All the lots in the collection have been prepared for conservation. All specimens are identified to species level and 78% of lots are geo-referenced.
Specimen preservation methods Dried, Frozen
Preparation and conservation Cleaning and separation of seeds from the rest of the flower or plant structures. Then, the lot is weighed, dehydrated with silica gel in a dehydration chamber and placed in airtight tubes. Finally, the lot is conserved in a freezer at -18ºC.
Institution Botanical Garden of Barcelona - Seed Bank
Parent collection Barcelona Botanical Garden Seed Collection
Associated person Miriam Aixart (Seed Bank Curator),
Related material Bacchetta G., Fenu G., Mattana E, Piotto B. & Virevaire M. (2006). Manuale per la raccolta, studio, conservazione e gestione ex situ del germoplasma. APAT, 244 p.

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Genmedoc: un réseau inter-régional de banques des semences de la mediterranée.