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3D images of natural history collections

Name 3D images of natural history collections
Description The collection of 3D images at the Barcelona Natural History Museum was created in 2011 and consists of images obtained from specimens from the Museum's collection, basically from desarticulated skeletons of vertebrate collection.
The main objective is to give visibility to some specimens of storerooms, to the public at the same time allow a utility scientific and / or educational purpoises. And allow digital consultation.
Kingdom coverage Animalia
Taxon coverage Accipitriformes, Amphibia, Anseriformes, Anura, Artiodactyla, Aves, Carnivora, Charadriiformes, Chelonia, Crocodylia, Diprodonta, Erinaceomorpha, Falconiformes, Galliformes, Gruiformes, Lagomorpha, Mammalia, Passeriformes, Perissodactyla, Piciformes, Pilosa, Primates, Pssitaciformes, Reptilia, Sauria, Serpentes, Squamata, Strigiformes
Common name coverage amphibians, reptiles, aves, mammals
Collection type Visual
Primary purpose Research
Include types No
Grouping principle Taxonomic
Development statuses Active growth
Collection extents 1 amphibian, 10 reptiles, 110 mammals, 250 aves
Object class osteology
Specimen preservation methods Recorded (digital)
Digital Medium hard disk
Digital Format image/ply
Preparation and conservation NextEngine Scanstudio HD Pro is used to view the images. A few images are obtained by photogrametry.
McGinley conservation statuses Level 6
Level 7
Conservation status date 09-01-2013 (dd-mm-yyyy)