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General herbarium

Name General herbarium
Cite as BC
Description This is the main collection of the Botanical Institute. It consists of 300,000 specimens collected by most of the botanists that have studied the flora of the northeast Iberian Peninsula. An important part was collected by Font i Quer and his colleagues during their long campaigns in the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco. The general herbarium also contains plants collected by botanists such as J.M.C. Arvet-Touvet, M. Bernades, A. de Bolòs, O. de Bolòs, R. Bolòs, C. Pau, R. Maire, E. Jahandiez, R. Margalef, R. Masferrer, P. Montserrat, F. Masclans, E. Batalla and J. Vigo. The collection continues to grow, above all as a result of the collections made by the Institute's staff, but also due to exchanges made with and donations from other herbariums from throughout the world.
Kingdom coverage Plantae
Collectors Bolòs Capdevila, Oriol de
Bolòs Vayreda, Antoni de
Font Quer, Pius
Montserrat Recoder, Pedro
Vigo Bonada, Josep
[et al.]
Collection type Preserved
Primary purpose Research
Include types Yes
Grouping principle Taxonomic
Formations periods ca. 1800 - present
Development statuses Active growth
Collection extents 300000 specimens
Documentation state The type herbarium sheets are currently being digitalized and digitalized. To date, 51,200 specimens have been digitalized, of which 1,516 are digitalized in high-resolution.
Specimen preservation methods Dried and pressed