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"Societat Botànica Barcelonesa" herbarium

Name "Societat Botànica Barcelonesa" herbarium
Cite as BC-SBB
Description The herbarium of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (1872-1878) has been on permanent loan from the Barcelona Royal Academy of Science and Arts since 1925. It contains 1,211 specimens, many collected in the Iberian Peninsula by botanists such as Vayreda, Trèmols, R. Bolòs and Rodríguez Femenías, and others obtained via exchanges with European botanists such as Gandoger, Debeaux and Timbal-Lagrave. In 2001-2006 it was studied by Neus Ibáñez as part of her doctoral thesis.
Kingdom coverage Plantae
Collectors Bolòs, Ramon
Debeaux, Odon
Gandoger, Michel
Negri, Stefano
Vayreda, Estanislau
[et al.]
Collection type Preserved
Primary purpose Research
Include types Yes
Grouping principle Taxonomic
Formations periods 1838-1878
Development statuses Closed
Collection extents 1211 specimens
Documentation state All of the collection is digitalized.
Specimen preservation methods Dried and pressed
Institution Botanical Institute of Barcelona - Herbarium
Parent collection Botanical Institute of Barcelona herbarium
Associated person Neus Ibáñez (Curator),
Item level access GBIF-Spain: Institut Botanic de Barcelona, BC-Histórico (accessed through GBIF data portal,, 2013-07-15)
Related material Ibáñez, N. (2006). "Estudis sobre cinc herbaris de l'Institut Botànic de Barcelona". Tesi Doctoral. Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona.