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Botanical Institute of Barcelona Fonds, 1935-1994

Name Botanical Institute of Barcelona Fonds, 1935-1994
Cite as AIBB-IBB
Description This collections contains the documents produced and received by the Natural Science Board in the period 1936-1994. Specifically, it contains documents relating to the creation of the Institute, as well as scientific correspondence and details of botanical explorations involved in the creation of the herbarium, specialized publications, botanical studies and photographs of the collections.
Kingdom coverage Plantae
Geospatial coverage Spain
Collectors Bolòs Capdevila, Oriol de
Bolòs Vayreda, Antoni de
Font Quer, Pius
Collection type Archival, Texts, Visual
Primary purpose Voucher
Include types No
Grouping principle Repository
Development statuses Closed
Object class archival records