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Music library

Name Music library
Description Collection of original recordings of animal vocalizations, with the objective of preservation analogical and digital format.
Kingdom coverage Animalia
Collectors BBC
Borràs Hosta, Antonio
Davis, I
Escobar Vicent, Diana
Gil, Diego
Hawkins, AD
Masó Ros, Glòria
Matheu de Cortada, Eloïsa
Motis Berta, Anna
Omedes Regàs, Anna
Orian & Christman
Pedley, W
Puigcerver, Manel
Radford, A. P
Ranft, Richard
Redondo, Tomás
Roché, Jean Claude
Sellar, Patrick
Senar Jordà, Joan Carles
Tejedo, Miguel
Uribe Porta, Francesc
Geological coverage Catalonia, Spain, South Africa, South-East Asia
Collection type Audio
Primary purpose Research
Include types No
Grouping principle Taxonomic
Formations periods ca.1983-
Development statuses Active growth
Collection extents 1400 sound records
Specimen preservation methods Recorded (analog), Recorded (digital)
Digital Medium Disc dur (HD) / Cinta magnètica oberta/ Casset / C
Digital Format WAV
McGinley conservation statuses Level 4
Conservation status date 07-09-2023 (dd-mm-yyyy)