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Geological Map of Catalonia collection

Name Geological Map of Catalonia collection
Description In 1915, Marià Faura i Sans (1883–1941) took over from Jaume Almera on the work on the Geological Map of Catalonia (1:40,000) that was being undertaken in the Geological Museum of the Seminary of Barcelona. The Museum has preserved part of the material that was collected during this work. As a result of political changes, this work was interrupted in 1923 when just six sheets had been finished. In all, five sheets and four reports were published. In the petrological collection there are 1,138 registers from the Geological Map of the Province of Barcelona with examples of all types of rocks, but with a predominance of hyperbyssal rocks (porphyries, aplites and pegmatites).
Collectors Almera i Comas, Jaume
Bataller i Calatayud, Josep Ramon
Faura i Sans, Marià
Collection type Geological
Include types No