Guide to collections

CAIB Collection

Name CAIB Collection
Description The Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Territory of the Balearic Islands promotes forestry restoration and regeneration projects and plant conservation programmes in the Balearic islands. One of the priorities of this work aimed at safeguarding the islands' plants is to conserve seeds in at least three different seed banks. Thus, the Seed Bank of the Barcelona Botanical Garden holds a collection of seeds in deposit from the Species Protection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Territory of the Balearic Islands.
Provenance The collection comes from the Balearic Islands: 43 lots of seeds from 10 taxa collected in 2007–2010, and 19 lots of 7 taxa collected in 2008–2011.
Kingdom coverage Plantae
Taxon coverage Apium bermejoi, L.Llorens, Euphorbia margalidiana Kuhbier & Lewej., Limonium, Medicago citrina (Font Quer) Greuter, Silene cambessedesii Boiss. & Reut.
Collectors Calvo, Jorge
Cardona, Carles
Cursach, Joana
Fraga, Pere
Manzano, Xavier
Tena, David
Collection type Living
Primary purpose Research
Include types No
Grouping principle Repository
Development statuses Active growth
Documentation state All the lots in the collection have been prepared for conservation. All specimens are identified to species level and all lots are geo-referenced.
Specimen preservation methods Dried, Frozen
Preparation and conservation Cleaning and separation of seeds from the rest of the flower or plant structures. Then, the lot is weighed, dehydrated with silica gel in a dehydration chamber and placed in airtight tubes. Finally, the lot is conserved in a freezer at -18ºC.