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Alinyà, campaign in the valley of

Name Alinyà, campaign in the valley of
Description Interdisciplinary campaign coordinated by the Institució Catalana d'Història Natural, and funded by the Fundació Territori i Paisatge (Caixa de Catalunya). The aim was to increase the knowledge about the natural values of the valley of Alinyà (Catalonia, north-east of Spain) in order to apply this information to design a plan of management of the area. The FtiP recently became the owner of a vast part of the surface of the valley so that they are interested in a tool for monitoring changes.
The results will be published as a volume of the journal Treballs de la ICHN.
The malacological section of the museum was in charge of studying the mollusc fauna of the valley.
Provenance Accession of samples to the museum by the collaborators: Vicenç Bros, Jordi Cadevall, Elisabeth Hernández, Jordi Nebot i Albert Orozco. Francesc Uribe, curator of the department, coordinated the project.
Kingdom coverage Animalia
Taxon coverage Agriolimacidae, Arionidae (strength), Azecidae, Chondrinidae (strength), Clausiliidae, Cochlicopidae, Cochlostomatidae, Enidae, Euconulidae, Ferussaciidae, Gastrodontidae, Helicidae, Helicodontidae (strength), Hygromiidae (strength), Lauriidae, Limacidae, Lymnaeidae, Oxychilidae, Patulidae, Planorbidae, Pomatiidae (strength), Pristilomatidae, Punctidae, Pupillidae, Pyramidulidae, Sphaeriidae, Subulinidae, Succineidae, Testacellidae, Valloniidae, Vertiginidae, Vitrinidae
Common name coverage Mollusc
Geospatial coverage Alinyà valley, municipality of Fígols i Alinyà, county of Solsonès, Catalonia, Spain. UTM 31T: Xmin 361000, Xmax 379000; Ymin 4667000, Ymax 4679000
Living time period coverage 1995-2001
Collectors Bros, Vicenç
Cadevall, Jordi
Hernández, Elisabeth
Nebot, Jordi
Orozco, Albert
Uribe, Francesc
Collection type Observations, Preserved
Primary purpose Research
Include types No
Grouping principle Environmental
Formations periods From 08/04/2000 to 19/05/2001
Development statuses Closed
Collection extents 231 observations, 671 mostres preservades, 671 preserved samples
Documentation state 100% digitalized
Object class shells, whole bodies
Specimen preservation methods Dried, Fluid-preserved
McGinley conservation statuses Level 7
Conservation status date 10-06-2010 (dd-mm-yyyy)
Institution Natural Science Museum of Barcelona - Non-Arthropod Invertebrates Department
Associated person Miguel Prieto (Documentalist), Francesc Uribe (Curator),
Item level access MCNB Mollusca GBIF online database (date when consulted) (accessed through GBIF data portal,, 2013-09-04)
Col·leccions en línia de Zoologia (MCNB) / Online Zoological Collections (MCNB)
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Francesc Uribe, Elisabeth Hernández, Jordi Nebot, Albert Orozco, Vicenç Bros, and Jordi Cadevall. Variación del tamaño de la concha en tres especies de caracoles terrestres (Chondrinidae, Hygromiidae) respecto al gradiente altitudinal en los Pirineos. Iberus 25 (2):63-71, 2007.

J. Cadevall, E. Hernández, J. Nebot, A. Orozco, F. Uribe, and V. Bros. Influència de l'altitud en la riquesa d'espècies de mol·luscs: variacions a la vall d'Alinyà, Alt Urgell, LLeida. Arxius de Miscel·lània Zoològica 1:18-46, 2003.

Vicenç Bros, Jordi Cadevall, Elisabeth Hernández, Jordi Nebot, Albert Orozco, and Francesc Uribe. Inventari i distribució dels mol·luscs a la vall d'Alinyà: informació bàsica per a la conservació i la gestió de l'àrea. In: Els sistemes naturals de la vall d'Alinyà, edited by J. Germain, Barcelona:Institució Catalana d'Història Natural, 2004, p. 343-366.