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Specimen information:

  • Catalog number: MZB 96-0143
  • Scientific name : Bradypus variegatus (Schinz, 1825)
  • Common name: Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth
  • Element: skull
  • Acquisition source: Parc Zoològic de Barcelona
  • Acquisition Date: 26/01/1996
  • Biometrics - skull: Height 30.9mm X Width 48.7mm X Depth 60.8mm

Information about the species:

Chordata ,Vertebrata ,Mammalia ,Pilosa ,Bradypodidae ,Bradypus ,Bradypus variegatus


The Brown-throated Sloth is a herbivorous species that feeds on leaves, flowers and the fruits of certain species of tree. Its cranium is high and domed, with a narrow face due to the development of its frontal aerial sinuses. Its zygomatic process is powerful and splits into two branches whose ends are not attached to the cranium. Its dentition is reduced and consists only of molars and premolars, which are cylindrical and all very similar in shape. Its dental formula is as follows: I 0/0, C 0/0, PC 5/4-5.

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Information about 3D image:

  • Picture Author: Aida Parres Lluch
  • Picture date: 11/04/2016
  • Number of polygons: 1.7M
  • Number of vertex: 866.5k