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Specimen information:

  • Catalog number: MZB 2002-0423-B
  • Scientific name : Genetta genetta (Linnaeus, 1758)
  • Common name: Common Genet
  • Element: jaw
  • Location: Perelló, el
  • Collecting date: 19/03/2002
  • Sex: male
  • Acquisition source: CRFS Canal Vell
  • Acquisition Date: 28/06/2002
  • Biometrics - jaw: Height 23.1mm X Width 37.1mm X Depth 62.1mm

Information about the species:

Chordata ,Vertebrata ,Mammalia ,Carnivora ,Viverridae ,Genetta ,Genetta genetta


The Genet is a carnivore whose varied diet includes large insects, small mammals (above all, rodents), worms, birds, reptiles and amphibians, but also occasionally fruit and seeds. Its cranium is small, flat and elongate, with a short pointed muzzle. It has a short but prominent sagittal crest on the upper part of the skull to which the temporal muscles ? a masticatory muscle that moves the mandible ? are attached. It has the typical dentition of a carnivore, that is, secodont and specialized in cutting and shearing the flesh of its prey with the upper P3 (third premolar) and lower M1 (first molar) carnassial teeth. It has 40 teeth with the following dental formula: I 3/3 C 1/1 P 4/4 M 2/2.

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Information about 3D image:

  • Picture Author: Aida Parres Lluch
  • Picture date: 23/02/2016
  • Number of polygons: 211.0k
  • Number of vertex: 105.5k