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Specimen information:

  • Record number: MZB 2001-0286
  • Scientific name : Pongo pygmaeus (Linnaeus, 1760)
  • Common name: Bornean orangutan
  • Element: skull
  • Collecting date: 11/06/2001
  • Sex: male
  • Measures: Height 116.5 mm x Width 159.8 mm x Depth 245.5 mm
  • Source: Parc Zoològic de Barcelona

Information about the species:

Chordata ,Vertebrata ,Mammalia ,Primates ,Hominidae ,Ponginae ,Pongo ,Pongo pygmaeus


The Bornean Orangutan is frugivorous and eats berries and fleshy fruits such as figs but it will also feed on insects including ants, and leaves, roots, tubercles and bark. Its skull is rounded due to the development of its brain. It also has well-pronounced mandibular prognathism as an adaptation to its diet. Its orbits are very large and complete. The temporal muscles used to masticate and grind plant matter are attached to the superciliary arch above the eyes. Its dentition is bunodont, with low rounded cusps. Its teeth are well adapted to cutting, breaking up and grinding plant matter. It has 32 teeth, with the following dental formula: I 2/2, C 1/1, P 2/2, M 3/3.

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Information about 3D image:

  • Picture Author: Alejandro Pérez Pérez
  • Picture date: 23/03/2015
  • Number of polygons: 1.3M
  • Number of vertex: 751.3k