Guide to collections

Guide to the collections

The scientific and documentary collections held by the Barcelona Museum of Natural History have been built up over a period of 125 years through legacies, acquisitions and the museum’s on-going conservation, research and awareness-raising activities.

This Guide to the Collections aims to provide the general public and researchers with a tool that will ease access to the zoological, geological and botanical material conserved in the Barcelona Museum of Natural History and in the Barcelona Botanical Institute (IBB – joint custody of Spanish National Research Council and Barcelona City Council).

Here the hierarchical classification of the collections linked to the departments and sections that store specimens and the persons in charge is illustrated. Each collection has a fact sheet based on the Natural Collections Description (NCD) standard that also contains descriptors from other metadata standards. To access the contents, you can consult the lists of the collections or institutions, or undertake a search. If you are interested in consulting or using the collections, please go to Terms of use and access.