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  • Schizomavella (Schizomavella) halimedae (Gautier, 1955)

    López de la Cuadra, C & Garcia-Gomez, JC, 2001. New and little-known ascophoran bryozoans from the Western Mediterranean, collected by the 'Fauna Iberica' expeditions. Journal of Natural History 35 (11): 1717-1732.

  • Hippellozoon mediterraneum (Waters, 1895)

    Zabala, M., & Maluquer, P., 1988. Illustrated keys for the classification of Mediterranean Bryozoa. Treballs del Museu de Zoologia, Barcelona, 4: 1-294.

  • Rhynchozoon rosae Souto, Reverter-Gil & Fernández-Pulpeiro, 2010

    Souto, Javier, Reverter Gil, Oscar & Fernández Pulpeiro, Eugenio, 2010. Gymnolaemate bryozoans from the Algarve (southern Portugal): new species and biogeographical considerations. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 90 (7), 1417-1439.

  • Cradoscrupocellaria reptans  (Linnaeus, 1758)

    Vieira, L. M.; Jones, M. E. S.; Winston, J. E. (2013). Cradoscrupocellaria, a new bryozoan genus for Scrupocellaria bertholletii (Audouin) and related species (Cheilostomata, Candidae): taxonomy, biodiversity and distribution. Zootaxa. 3707(1): 1-63.