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Type specimens

As the past and present works of so many researchers have been transferred to the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona through donation of type specimens, we recognised the need and the interest in publishing data on these collections in as practical a way as possible.

Each taxon fills a whole page. From this, all useful information can be extracted without codes or cross-references to other pages.



Latest created tiles

  • Abax pyrenaeus montserratensis


    Mas de Xarxars, 1915. Dos Coleópteros nuevos. Boletín de la Real Sociedad española de Historia Natural, 15: 217-218.

  • Abax sexualis


    Fairmaire, 1881. [New speces] Séance du 23 Mars 1881. Bulletin de la Société Entomologique de France: xliii-xliv.

  • Abida cadica brauniopsis

    Altimira, C., 1963. Notas malacológicas. Miscelánea Zoológica, 1(5): 15–26. [p. 19, fig. 2a–b]. 

  • Abida secale brongersmai

    Gittenberger, E., 1973. Beiträge zur kenntnis der Pupillacea III. Chondrininae. Zoologische Verhandelingen, 127: 1–267. [p. 115, figs. 49–53].